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Non-surgical Facelift Treatment - Non evasive Technique Towcester

Our staff take pride in ourselves in offering effective non-surgical procedures in a peaceful environment that steer both women and men far from going under the knife.

Non-surgical facelift procedure - HIFU Towcester

HIFU Towcester is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment to lift skin. It’s more affordable and less painful than other methods such as plastic surgery and Botox. HIFU Towcester tightens the skin, shrinks pores and irons out wrinkles. It also helps improve overall skin tone, elasticity and complexion.

A HIFU machine targets the upper dermis, lower dermis and SMAS layer. The SMAS layer is the area that plastic surgeons pull and tighten during plastic surgery. 

HIFU Towcester targets the SMAS layer without making any surgical incision, providing the patient with a facelift without the downtime. Patients can get great results without the risks linked to surgery like swelling, infection and scarring. Results can be seen right away for some patients, depending on their skin laxity.

HIFU Towcester can also help destroy fat cells. It’s perfect for body contouring for those with abdomen fat, post-pregnancy tummy and bingo wings. HIFU Towcester not only tightens the skin but also helps those who are aiming for fat loss and inch loss. 

As we age, the face sheds volume and also the skin’s elasticity declines considerably, with the effects of gravity becoming all as well noticeable and resulting in drooping or sagging. For females, the chin can also be a genuine telltale sign of aging: the loss of deep sustaining fat, incorporated with gum tissue economic crisis and loss of bone, impact the reduced face and chin triggering thin lips and wrinkles and a puckered or pouty chin. Cells loss and drooping skin additionally trigger a chin crease below the lips. To learn more about the non-surgical renovation therapy that we provide at our centres, please do not be reluctant to contact one of our professionals and we will certainly be happy to discuss your demands!

If you’re afraid of needles, scalpels, knives and other surgical equipment, you don’t need to worry because HIFU doesn’t use such tools. A HIFU device is used to deliver ultrasound waves to the target area to stimulate collagen production.

HIFU devices provide shorter intervals and faster shot speeds between each shot, so the entire process comfortable for the patients. Some people say that they feel a prickly sensation or small electric pulses during treatment. The process is not completely pain-free, but it is tolerable and may feel different in various areas of the body or face.

Discomfort levels differ from one person to another. Most people tolerate the process without sedation or anaesthesia to address the discomfort and pain associated with HIFU usually last only during the treatment session. A HIFU procedure conducted by a trained professional is an effective and safe alternative to surgery.

True results appear over time because old collagen is rejuvenated with new collagen. The collagen rejuvenation process continues up to six months after the initial session, so patients see continuing improvements over time. Most people only need 1 or 2 treatments to get their desired results. Touch-up treatments could be done in 1-year intervals, depending on the amount of tightening and lifting desired.

Men can also benefit from HIFU. Over time, they lose skin laxity. Fillers can provide less masculine looking results. HIFU tightens what’s already present instead of changing the shape or volume of the face. Treatment duration depends on the areas being treated as well as the patient’s treatment plan.

Why Choose Our Non-surgical Options

You may want to hold back the ageing process, but surgical options are costly and full of risks.
With our non surgical, non invasive treatments available you can have the results you want with no downtime or risks at all

HIFU Towcester targets deep skin layers. This process helps boost production and regeneration of collagen at the source. Treatment is extremely tolerable and quick. It also doesn’t involve downtime so that you can resume your normal routine right away.

You don’t need to worry about staying in a hospital.  Since incisions are not required, you can go home right after the treatment session.

Since HIFU is a quick procedure, you can go back to work the next day. Light bruising and mild redness might occur, but these side effects gradually disappear over the next few days.

No anaesthesia is required. You won’t be put to sleep during a treatment session. HIFU can be used to treat facial wrinkles, jaw lines, neck fold, fine lines and nasolabial folds. The HIFU Towcester can be used on other parts of the body as well. The arm skin, abdominal skin laxity, area above the knees and thighs can be treated with HIFU.

The Non-Surgical Facelift Procedure is one of the major cosmetic surgery procedures nowadays. It is a type of cosmetic surgery that can reshape, improve on the facial features that have been affected by aging.

However, if you are considering undergoing this surgical facelift procedure, you should know that there are some basic things you need to consider. The first thing that you need to be aware of is the cost. Although there are more people that can afford this type of surgery nowadays, it will still cost you more than a normal cosmetic surgery.

It is not uncommon that there is still a high price associated with this kind of surgery. This is because there are still other factors that need to be considered such as the surgeon you choose, your skin condition, and the quality of the work of the clinic where the procedure is being done. If you are really in search of the best clinic where you can get the best quality of the procedure, then the internet is your best resource to find them.

There are so many clinics that you can choose from when you want to undergo this non-surgical facelift procedure. You can also do some research and look for reviews and feedback from other patients who have undergone the same procedure. This will make sure that you are getting the best quality of the procedure you will have.

Also, before you decide on going for this non-surgical facelift procedure, it is important that you should already have your skin evaluated. This is because the surgical procedure does not require any special type of skin for it to work. This means that you can choose either your natural skin color or the color that you want your face to look like because this is what will determine whether or not the procedure will go well on your skin.

If you have tried the surgical facelift procedure already and the results that you have experienced were satisfactory, then you might want to reconsider since you might be able to save some money by having this non-surgical facelift procedure done instead of having the surgery. This is because a surgical procedure involves more procedures and can cost you more money.

You should also know that a non-surgical facelift procedure does not require any incisions and it can be done as an outpatient. This means that you don’t have to stay at the hospital for an extended period of time after the procedure. It will still only take about an hour or so before you can go home.

So if you are really looking for a non-surgical facelift procedure, then you will need to carefully think about it before you make a final decision. You can get all the information you need from the internet and try to compare costs of the various clinics and procedures that you can compare.

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How to Get the Best Non-Surgical Facelift

Many people wonder whether a non-surgical facelift is the best option. The fact of the matter is that there are many different things to think about when you’re considering whether or not to have this type of procedure done to you.

This type of surgery is usually considered one of the last options because it doesn’t have any risks associated with it other than a little bit of swelling and pain. There are other things to think about, however. You may want to think about the following things before deciding whether or not a non-surgical facelift is right for you.

Non-surgical facelifts are great at improving your appearance, but they can also be dangerous. For one thing, the incision is not as small as with some of the other procedures that are done and so they can get cut during the procedure.

If you don’t pay attention to any pain or swelling that you experience during the procedure, you may end up having a large wound that isn’t easily treated and the skin may end up healing more slowly than it would without the surgery. You may also find yourself experiencing other problems like an infection in your mouth or neck that may require a visit to the doctor or worse yet, surgery.

When you choose a non-surgical facelift you are also taking the chance that your skin will change colour. Because it’s not done on the face, you won’t be able to see the results as much. While you can make sure that you don’t see any redness, it’s possible that there may be some changes in the colour of your skin.

If you aren’t sure if you want a non-surgical facelift then you may want to consider talking to your doctor about it. They can give you some good information and may even be able to suggest a better option to help you avoid the risks that are associated with having a facelift.

If you have a problem with scarring that may come from a non-surgical facelift then it’s always best to consult with a plastic surgeon first. There are ways that you can remove any extra skin that may be left behind after the procedure so that it doesn’t grow back or be irritated by other items that are on your body.

Surgical facelifts may also be painful. You will experience swelling in your area after the procedure and you may end up experiencing it again several months down the road. This is especially true if you have another scarring that you need to deal with.

Surgery has been proven to work but it does take some risk. When you consider the risks of having surgery performed on your face, you’ll want to make sure that you’re making the right decision before you decide.

A non-surgical cosmetic facelift is often a cosmetic procedure designed to improve the look of the facial area by increasing facial volume, tightening facial skin, and enhancing fine lines and wrinkles. This cosmetic surgery is typically used on patients that have experienced facial aging problems and are unhappy with their appearance. It also addresses dark spots and sun damage. A non-surgical cosmetic facelift may be used for those who want to regain a more youthful appearance or to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Non-Surgical facelifts are generally performed on patients who do not have excessive neck or chin sagging or are overweight and have an age-related lack of facial firmness. It can also be used to correct facial features like a high forehead crease, deep forehead wrinkles, long upper lip creases, or drooping eyebrows. A non-surgical cosmetic facelift can also improve the look of crow’s feet around the eyes.

Before deciding on a non-surgical cosmetic facelift, it is important to determine your goals. Your surgeon will be able to help you in determining what you hope to achieve. If you want to enhance the look of your cheekbones, then your physician can recommend a chin lift or an augmentation. If your goal is to tighten the muscles surrounding your eyes, then your doctor may suggest an eyelid lift.

A non-surgical cosmetic facelift can also help you achieve the desired look you’ve always dreamed of. There are a variety of non-invasive procedures available to give you that smooth and youthful appearance that you desire.

You should discuss your options with your surgeon before choosing a non-invasive surgery. Discuss the pros and cons of each procedure with your surgeon and your doctor so you can make an informed decision. In addition, you may want to discuss the possibility of having a collagen injection as well as a skin tightening filler used to help you achieve a younger appearance. Discussing the options is important in finding a qualified surgeon that you feel comfortable with and trust to perform a non-surgical cosmetic facelift. A skilled and well-qualified surgeon is the best person to perform a non-surgical cosmetic facelift.

Your plastic surgeon is an expert when it comes to non-invasive cosmetic facelink surgery. The experience that he or she has gained over the years gives him or her the knowledge to provide the best results. He or she is knowledgeable about the techniques used to accomplish your desired results.